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Welcome to the Limestone Capital Half Marathon!

Co-race director, Chris Galloway, speaks about the exciting new changes and the rebranding of the Bedford Half marathon to the Limestone Capital Half Marathon... And other important race details.

The team here at Bedford Half marathon has some very exciting news. Due to popular demand… We have decided to change both the name of the race and the course!

As most of you probably have heard… Bedford is the limestone capital of the world. Our organization as a whole decided that since Bedford is the limestone capital of the world, we should have more limestone showcased in our race.

In our quest to achieve that goal we set out on multiple treks through the community in an attempt to build a course with the most limestone on it. We figured...what better to showcase than the community's strongest heritage. What we found is that much of the limestone was spread throughout the city and some of it was outside city limits or required us to cross a major highway, or get into some dangerous areas. After some frustration a few of us went out on a run to clear our heads. We decided to run on the newly constructed Milwaukee trail.

Wow…it being my first time to run the whole trail… I was in awe. Everything that we had looked to showcase was right there on one stretch of soft gravel trail. Limestone everywhere, beautiful trees, running water, and the remnants of Lawrence County's history in the limestone industry. We knew we had our solution to showcase limestone and found a good portion of our new course.

For those of you who have never ran in southern Indiana… This is a race that you need to do. If you have ran this race before… I think you will be pleasantly surprised at its lack of hilly torture, which has been replaced by beauty and Scenery.

The course still has its same great start and finish and will still have its same wonderful post race festivities. We can just replace its primary adjective, which formerly was "challenging", with "scenic".

Ladies and gentlemen… I give you "The Limestone Capital Half Marathon

2016 Limestone Capital Half Marathon Cash Purse announced!

Half Marathon
1st male and female $300
2nd male and female $200
3rd male and female $100
1st male and female Masters (50-64) $100
1st male and female Masters (65 and older) $100

Lawrence County Champion
1st male and female $300

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